2021 is an unprecedented year for a graduation— for many this is now a year and a half of online school and social isolation— and to those of you who made it, congratulations. It hasn’t been easy. Our gift to you is a selection of the best college graduation gifts in 2021. For parents and siblings or aunts and uncles who may be reading this, think outside the box when it comes to gifts for college students. Consider sustainable gifts like subscriptions, or versatile gifts like airline miles. Wall art can bring flair to a graduate’s new home. Even something simple like a box of treats will show you care, and bring a smile to their face. If you need inspiration, look no further. We’ve thought of every college graduation gift idea so you don’t have to. See the 59 best graduation gifts in 2021 listed below. 

  1. Airline miles or airline gift card — To use whenever they’re ready.

2. AirPods

3. A job — Just kidding (but not kidding).

4. Alcohol — Bring out the champagne!  

5. Audible Subscription — For the audio book lovers out there.

6. Bar kit

7. Blender

8. Books — Learning doesn’t stop after college!

9. Box of Delicacies — Macarons, cupcakes, eclairs or really anything tasty.

10. Camera & Lenses

11. Car wash & Detail — Ahh good as new.

12. Cash

13. Cast-Iron Skillet

14. Chef Knife

15. Classpass (based on location) — Access to yoga classes, acupuncture and kickboxing all with one pass.

16. Cocktail Tumbler

17. Coffee Subscription

18. Cookbook  

19. Custom Photo Art — To commemorate all the good times.

20. Eno

21 Fountain Pen

22. French Press

23. Guide Book — To that new city they’re moving to.

24. Hair Salon Gift Card — Enough for multiple blowouts though.

25. House Plants

26. Instant pot

27. Investment Account

28. iPad

29. Keurig

30. Laptop

31. Loafers

32. Meal Delivery Service

33. Nail Salon Gift Card — Again, enough for multiple mani-pedis.  

34. News Subscription

35. NYT Cooking Subscription

36. Perfume Subscription

37. Pet Treats & Toys — For their animal friends.

38. Phone Plan — So they don’t have to stress about the little things.

39. Photo Album

40. Plane Tickets — For that vacation they’ve always wanted.

41. Planner — Leather-bound for professionals.

42. Rocketbook — Essential for future med school and law school graduates.

43. Savings Account — Set them up for success.

44. Scratch Off Map — Fun for globetrotters.

45. Shaving Kit  

46. Smart Speaker — Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple Home.

47. SmartTV

48. Smart Watch — Apple Watch or Garmin.

49. Spa Day — For them and a friend.

50. Steel Straws — Classy and environmentally conscious!

51. Toolset

52. Travel Kits — for him or her!

53. Travel Mug

54. Vacuum — They’ll thank you later.

55. Wall Art — Graduate their space.  

56. Wallet  

57. Weighted Blanket

58. Wine Subscription

59. Work Bag — Start their career with style.